My $49,000 Stock Portfolio

September 25, 2015
My Portfolio

This Stock Portfolio was created in January 2020. The goal set: Financial Freedom! After almost a year of investing, my portfolio generates over $100usd a month, which I reinvest back.

My Stock Portfolio as of December 2020

My Portfolio and Dividend Strategy

After years of learning and playing around with the Stock Market, I decided to invest, long-term and with one goal in mind: create Passive Income and achieve Financial Freedom.
At 26 years old, my strategy is to look into both growth stocks as well as dividends. At this age, I could probably take some more risks, but this is the strategy I’m comfortable with.

Breakdown of my Portfolio:

My Dividend-Portfolio as of December 2020

*Dividend Growth numbers taken from Marketbeat.

As you can see, I mostly own Dividend Paying Stocks, but do not restrict myself from buying growth stocks too (Nvidia, Tesla).My Portfolio also shows a year-to-year double-digit increase rate on Dividend payouts. Until now, I was building a ground (which isn’t completely done yet, 3-4 stocks still on my Watch-list) and the objective is, in 2021, to add money on my current positions.

I hope, in years to come, to turn this portfolio into my main source of income and achieve the so called ‘Financial Freedom’. If you wanna take part of the journeyI’ll post my opinions on actual stocks, stock comparisons, investments & portfolio updates! Maybe this will inspire or help someone who’s just starting!

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Andre Santos

My name is Andre and I've been investing for over 6 years. Since then, my portfolio has made a HUGE surplus and has helped people's lives – saving people countless hours, unnecessary costs, and the ability to gain financial freedom!

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